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Grace and Works

We are being taught today by many church leaders that belief in Jesus Christ is all sufficient and our works are useless. We do not see this in scripture.  The scriptures teach repentance, turning away from sin and receiving forgiveness from God.

The present teaching in our churches about a type of grace coming from God that covers all aspects of our behavior and removes the moral responsibility of a Christian to behave righteously is dangerous.  The days that we are living in are morphing into a determined lawlessness against God and a desire to eliminate the Christian God from the memory and reality of people. This lawlessness against God is especially aggressive against those of us who live in the West where past centuries of strong Christian morality felt by large numbers of people has enabled our nations to prosper.   This is not true of our nations in the West today.

We have been diminished greatly by the philosophies and teaching of today’s education, religion, and science.  We are being led by mass media manipulation used to sway our thinking to preferred outcome and by teaching through the  entertainment media and music that we are constantly exposed to.  In our workplaces companies are demanding that employees accept the politically correct thoughts and beliefs of our day.  In addition, the laws of the land are being changed through the legal process and people who are hesitant to accept these changes completely are being threatened with serious legal consequences if they do not embrace these anti-christ philosophical changes that are occurring rapidly.