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It is very difficult to discern correct spiritual teaching in our modern times. My own solution (to date) has been to largely ignore popular Christian ministry that is being presented to believers through electronic media and books. It is virtually impossible to discern a self-proclaimed prophet by his/her messages. How can we know what they say has come to pass when their prophecies are ambiguous, mystical, non-specific and general or are interpretations of their own dreams? This is not how the prophets of the OT and NT gave their prophecies. For example, the prophecy given by an unknown prophet in the NT who prophesied of Paul’s chains if he continued with his trip to Jerusalem. We can check if this event happened or not. It did. The Bible says that this is how we can discern a true prophet, when their ‘word’ comes to pass. If their ‘word’ does not come to pass we are not to fear them.
There is little room in the Bible for the tolerance of false teaching. The Apostle Paul declares that they needed to be stopped because whole households were being subverted. The issue at that time was about those who were teaching that the Gentiles needed to keep aspects of the Mosaic Law in order to be saved. We have such a hodgepodge of questionable Christian teaching today that it is like a giant, complex maze to a blind man. I am not ignorant enough to believe that I can discern it all and find the ‘truth’. False teaching is diabolical, intelligent, attractive, powerfully spiritual and wicked. I am no match for it. Are you?

Author: lindam

I have been a Christian for about thirty-five years. Since 2000 I am generally dissatisfied with church as we know it in North America. Today many people seem to be wanting more evidence in their lives when relating to God and his Word.

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