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The Situation of our Times

As believers we need an understanding of our current times. In our day we have a system called Globalization working effectively in our world. As I understand it, Globalization is a ‘vision’ of utopia that cannot be fully accomplished unless there are significant changes that take place in the world. This is a system that has been working in the background of global politics, economics, education, and social justice,for decades. The hope of this global system is for equity among people groups. Inclusion or acceptance of ‘authorized’ moral and lifestyle behaviors for all people is an eventual goal as well. This includes homosexuality, abortion, and other liberal thinking. This entity strives to network local city governance (to them) through a covenant that has apparently now been established today as binding and that now needs to be followed diligently by the organizations, churches, local city governments, and companies who have signed up as a member of this system. There are a number of cities in the USA and a few in Canada who are current active members of this global system. The local government of a city can sign up their community without national approval or any other approval being needed. This bypasses any controls the government of the USA or Canada have put in place to protect their citizens. A particular city government can decide who’s rules and goals they will be following. This system is global. There are many places and cities in the world who are a part of this network. Other goals set into place by this global system include environmental, social ideologies such as ‘correct thinking and attitudes’ that are expected to be put into effect more fully in the future.

How this concerns the Christian is that Christianity does not meet the requirements of this global system. Consensus and compromise are the pillars of this global system. We will not be able to claim that Jesus Christ is the only way for men to be saved. We ill not be able to claim that other faiths are incorrect or faulty. We cannot think differently than the global system wants the people of the world to think and behave. We will not be allowed to share the gospel with others. Spirituality in this global system will encompass many different things including New Age occult practices, indigenous beliefs, other religions and belief systems of the world, etc.

Some church leaders have become members of this global system involving their congregations or denominations. These leaders are now required to follow this system and not Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ will not be accepted. The Bible is not accepted in this global system as an authoritative influence for people. This global system defies the status-quo of our western society, including Christianity, by introducing changes that are set out before people as a better way to go forward into the new realities of our world. Church leaders who have joined this system will likely be powerful. They may be leaders of large church denominations or leaders of large groups of people that attend their ‘church’. These church leaders have become members of this system because they have been offered a benefit by this global system. As Christians, we need to be aware that our ‘church’ may not be our church anymore, and we may be serving and supporting something quite different than we think.

Author: lindam

I have been a Christian for about thirty-five years. Since 2000 I am generally dissatisfied with church as we know it in North America. Today many people seem to be wanting more evidence in their lives when relating to God and his Word.

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