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Looking Ahead

I’ve been reading and looking at websites that inform the public about things that are likely going to be happening in the not so distant future.  One topic about the future is AI (Artificial Intelligence).  Robots who make their own decisions about things apart from humans. We already hear that AI robot truck drivers are expected by 2020.   Companies and corporations are already incorporating AI robots into their businesses and then laying off human workers.  Large financial institutions and banks have now stated publicly that this is their immediate goal. We are hearing issues about food growing using pesticides and genetic modifications to change the yield and susceptibility of insect damage and disease of plants.  We hear that weather warfare is on the rise, where governments are trying to control weather through chemical dispersal into the atmosphere or other means.  During the Harvey and Irma storms we saw phenomenon that has not been seen in our lifetimes, where the ocean disappears from the coasts for a period of time.  This happened in the topical islands before the storm’s landfall in the USA and in parts of coastal Florida. It’s hard to imagine how ocean water can just disappear for a time.  This is the tip of the iceberg of what we are seeing in the news and what is being reported online.

How does this relate to our life in Christ?  Christians must get into the protection of Christ by laying down their own lives and allowing God to bring them into the image of Christ, and the Presence of God.  We are going to move into the supernatural provisions of God if we put to death the old man and his sins.  Churches are teaching that God does everything and we just give it a little bit of work or effort to die to our old nature.  I read a posting recently saying that God’s covenant of required righteousness and holiness has not changed.  What has changed is the method.  The Law was used in the old covenant to cause obedience and holiness in the behavior of God’s people. The New Covenant uses the death of our old man, infusion with a new heart and spirit from God, and the power of the Holy Spirit to conquer our own sins to get us to righteous behavior and holiness.  God’s word in the book of Peter says, ‘be ye holy for I am Holy’.  God is not saying ‘try your best, if you continue to sin it does not matter, you will receive what all others receive’.  This is not biblical nor is it accurate when we read the Scriptures in the Old and New Testaments.

We need to call our biblical leaders to account for such obvious error in their teachings.  We need to be teachable and open to the idea that we can conquer our own sins and obtain the righteousness provided through Christ.  God makes provision for this righteousness in our beginning experience of receiving Christ.  Then we grow and mature and fight the good fight of faith in our own lives and hearts.  It’s the one who overcomes their sin who receives in the end the Bible teaches.  The Bible teaches it is not how you start but how you finish.  The one who finishes in righteousness will be saved and will save others.

What are your thoughts concerning how we gain the Image of Christ?  What do you believe the Bible teaches?