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Races of People and Conflict

I’ve heard stories on the Internet saying that many Polish Christians are leaving London and other parts of England and returning to Poland.  The situation for them in England is dangerous.  I’ve heard stories of white farmers in South Africa being dispossessed of their property or face death.  Apparently, there have been numerous deaths of individuals in white farming families.  These farmers are looking to leave South Africa but it is very difficult to get out right now, apparently.  Educated whites have lost their jobs in South Africa because they are white, and are now living in a squatters camp trying to support themselves. There is a suggestion on the Internet that maybe these people should be able come to the USA and Canada as a displaced and persecuted minority. Muslims in London want to set up their own government and law within the country called Sharia.  In places where they live in ‘no go zones’ within London this is apparently the situation.  Police and civic law dare not show up in their communities.  In the USA we are seeing something similar.  Races of people are separating and dividing.  Especially whites and non-whites.  Some say this is due to propaganda being put forth by powerful entities inferring that most of the problems we struggle with today in society are because of white people.  It appears that it is becoming more difficult for differing people’s skin colors and differing people’s ideologies to live together in our day.

In the church we will also experience division if our vision and goals are not united.  At the present time there are many different ideas of how church should be. What the emphasis should be at any given period of time.  Our day needs an emphasis on holy living, and obedience to the word of God, standing faithful to God in times of trial and persecution because of the lawlessness and moral depravity in our society and increased hostility of authorities toward Christians today.

The Bible says that we believers have one Father through the work of the Holy Spirit.  This is uniting to people this brings us together.  There is no Greek, Jew, man, woman, etc in this body.  We all work together to benefit the group and the individual according to the way of God in Christ.   Christian leaders need to get their messages on target for believers in our day.


What is happening?

We are reading in the news about CEO’s and upper management personnel resigning by the dozens because of sexual allegations  made against them.  Resigning themselves or being asked to resign a well paying high level job position because of a couple of complaints?  This does not make sense.  Something else has to be driving this phenomenon.  Adultery, fornication, cheating, lying, stealth, manipulation, has been going on for some time in upper management personnel.  Why the change now?  What is happening to cause this.  Is there something  more about these high level resignations that is being kept quiet?  It almost seems this is so.  We are living in an age where there is very little privacy and very little that is not known or can not be known about individuals or groups of people. What could they have been doing that is so egregious that they are willing to step down for the most part without much protest?  Devil worship and the  (death sacrifice0 of children is what comes to my mind.  Another thought is that the child sex trade is rampant in the USA.  The  average age of a child sex slave is 13 years old.   This makes more sense to me in requiring resignations as it is illegal to have sex with a minor.

In my community in Canada an MLA stepped down from his political office during the last week stating  his reason for doing this  was so he  could spend more time with his family and that he had been hunting illegally and was caught.  In the newspaper at my grocery store today this MLA’s name and picture was released in the press (front page) stating that he has been charged with sexual interference and sexual assault of a minor child.  He lied earlier to the press and the public about why he was resigning his position.

We may end up seeing something similar happening to leaders in the church.  Leadership either stepping down or being required to step down because of their  misbehavior, their apostasy from Christ, their mismanagement/ mistreatment of God’s people, other problems, etc.    We have an obligation as a church congregation in our day to judge the leadership, to test the spirits,  to hold leaders accountable to God.  Leadership in the church must be pure, must be without reproach in their private and public lives.  They must hold to very high values, have a determination to follow the word of God, to shepherd faithfully even if this costs them dearly personally and professionally.  This is the example of the quality of early church leaders shown and taught to us in the NT scriptures.