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One malignant narcissist, one trained narcissist, one New Age guru, one pedophile, one co-dependent spouse of the pedophile, two severely traumatized children, and one  scapegoat.  I hope that this is not indicative of the ‘normal’ family in North America but I fear the worst.  There is a dynamic that family members protect each other, even the family criminals.  “They’re a good person at heart”, “they did not mean to do that”, “it was just a mistake”.  An article I read recently said that children are losing their feelings.  They push their feelings into their subconscious where they are not felt.   What kind of person does this usually create?  A predator, who becomes a danger to everyone around them.

What kind of people are church leaders in North America creating?  People who can ignore their sin.  People who live like the unregenerate do. Their sin is ignored, allowed, or excused in the church.  People who have little knowledge of the truth.  People who believe lies. What are these lies that church leaders are teaching their people?  That the best life is one where you don’t have to deal with sin, where your fleshly lusts can drive your actions and your goals in life because God’s got you covered.  The responsibility for sin church leaders say, is God’s, not yours.

If we compare this to actual teaching of scripture we see a very different picture.   We see a person who fights and conquers their sin through Christ.  We see a person who is a new creation, able to do what is right.  We see a person who stands up under trials and adversity.  Someone who sacrifices in order to follow after righteousness.  Someone who loves and obeys God.  This is the real definition of a person who has value in God’s eyes and who will be rewarded for striving against sin.  God talks about honorable vessels and the dishonorable vessels in the house of God.  Will church leaders be rewarded by God for building great physical structures in the place of building up God’s people?  Not likely.