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Opening Churches during COVID-19

There is division in Christian thinking about whether it is ok to open up churches at this time or not.

One thought is that by opening up churches there is potential to increase the spread of the coronavirus to family members, friends, and neighbours.  These believers say by risking this increased infection Christians are not being loving or kind to others.  They feel an obligation to do everything possible to minimize the risk to themselves and others.

The other thought is that churches need to be open.  These believers feel the need to gather together, encourage each other, and to maintain the essentialness of churches in our communities.  There is a general feeling that churches are being hindered with restrictions by our government that are not being applied similarly to other venues and gatherings.   These Christians feel the church is under threat.

Christians who are going to church at this time are being derided  by Christians who feel strongly about staying away from larger gatherings for the foreseeable future.  I’m not sure why this is occurring.  If they would rather stay at home they have the freedom to do so.  Somehow this situation has evolved into Christians saying to others who attend church, “you’re not a good Christian because you are being reckless with other people’s lives.” “The church has an obligation to shut down until the virus is no longer a threat, this is the loving thing to do.”

The motive for this maybe fear.  A fearfulness of the virus spreading and becoming more readily contractible by themselves or members of their family.   This does not justify their anger at others who either choose to, or perhaps need to, be more exposed.  People have to go to work.  Financial supports that enabled people to stay at home are coming to an end.

This also does not justify our governing authorities issuing directives for churches to close.  Most people will not have a serious infection with the COVID-19 virus. This coronavirus is less deadly than originally predicted.  The risk and death rate at this time is apparently similar to flu.

Population lock-downs in the West are inevitably having other negative side effects around the world.   A recent report from recognized world sources states the following concerning the coronavirus lock-downs: “It’s a timely reminder that the the main cost of the lock-downs favoured by liberal policy-makers across the world will not be people in the West, but those hovering just above the poverty line in the developing world”

“Thanks to the misguided enthusiasm of Western governments for imprisoning entire populations in their homes, thereby triggering a global recession, tens of millions of people will die of starvation in low-income countries.”

Author: lindam

I have been a Christian for about thirty-five years. Since 2000 I am generally dissatisfied with church as we know it in North America. Today many people seem to be wanting more evidence in their lives when relating to God and his Word.

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