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Races of People and Conflict

I’ve heard stories on the Internet saying that many Polish Christians are leaving London and other parts of England and returning to Poland.  The situation for them in England is dangerous.  I’ve heard stories of white farmers in South Africa being dispossessed of their property or face death.  Apparently, there have been numerous deaths of individuals in white farming families.  These farmers are looking to leave South Africa but it is very difficult to get out right now, apparently.  Educated whites have lost their jobs in South Africa because they are white, and are now living in a squatters camp trying to support themselves. There is a suggestion on the Internet that maybe these people should be able come to the USA and Canada as a displaced and persecuted minority. Muslims in London want to set up their own government and law within the country called Sharia.  In places where they live in ‘no go zones’ within London this is apparently the situation.  Police and civic law dare not show up in their communities.  In the USA we are seeing something similar.  Races of people are separating and dividing.  Especially whites and non-whites.  Some say this is due to propaganda being put forth by powerful entities inferring that most of the problems we struggle with today in society are because of white people.  It appears that it is becoming more difficult for differing people’s skin colors and differing people’s ideologies to live together in our day.

In the church we will also experience division if our vision and goals are not united.  At the present time there are many different ideas of how church should be. What the emphasis should be at any given period of time.  Our day needs an emphasis on holy living, and obedience to the word of God, standing faithful to God in times of trial and persecution because of the lawlessness and moral depravity in our society and increased hostility of authorities toward Christians today.

The Bible says that we believers have one Father through the work of the Holy Spirit.  This is uniting to people this brings us together.  There is no Greek, Jew, man, woman, etc in this body.  We all work together to benefit the group and the individual according to the way of God in Christ.   Christian leaders need to get their messages on target for believers in our day.


What is happening?

We are reading in the news about CEO’s and upper management personnel resigning by the dozens because of sexual allegations  made against them.  Resigning themselves or being asked to resign a well paying high level job position because of a couple of complaints?  This does not make sense.  Something else has to be driving this phenomenon.  Adultery, fornication, cheating, lying, stealth, manipulation, has been going on for some time in upper management personnel.  Why the change now?  What is happening to cause this.  Is there something  more about these high level resignations that is being kept quiet?  It almost seems this is so.  We are living in an age where there is very little privacy and very little that is not known or can not be known about individuals or groups of people. What could they have been doing that is so egregious that they are willing to step down for the most part without much protest?  Devil worship and the  (death sacrifice0 of children is what comes to my mind.  Another thought is that the child sex trade is rampant in the USA.  The  average age of a child sex slave is 13 years old.   This makes more sense to me in requiring resignations as it is illegal to have sex with a minor.

In my community in Canada an MLA stepped down from his political office during the last week stating  his reason for doing this  was so he  could spend more time with his family and that he had been hunting illegally and was caught.  In the newspaper at my grocery store today this MLA’s name and picture was released in the press (front page) stating that he has been charged with sexual interference and sexual assault of a minor child.  He lied earlier to the press and the public about why he was resigning his position.

We may end up seeing something similar happening to leaders in the church.  Leadership either stepping down or being required to step down because of their  misbehavior, their apostasy from Christ, their mismanagement/ mistreatment of God’s people, other problems, etc.    We have an obligation as a church congregation in our day to judge the leadership, to test the spirits,  to hold leaders accountable to God.  Leadership in the church must be pure, must be without reproach in their private and public lives.  They must hold to very high values, have a determination to follow the word of God, to shepherd faithfully even if this costs them dearly personally and professionally.  This is the example of the quality of early church leaders shown and taught to us in the NT scriptures.

Looking Ahead

I’ve been reading and looking at websites that inform the public about things that are likely going to be happening in the not so distant future.  One topic about the future is AI (Artificial Intelligence).  Robots who make their own decisions about things apart from humans. We already hear that AI robot truck drivers are expected by 2020.   Companies and corporations are already incorporating AI robots into their businesses and then laying off human workers.  Large financial institutions and banks have now stated publicly that this is their immediate goal. We are hearing issues about food growing using pesticides and genetic modifications to change the yield and susceptibility of insect damage and disease of plants.  We hear that weather warfare is on the rise, where governments are trying to control weather through chemical dispersal into the atmosphere or other means.  During the Harvey and Irma storms we saw phenomenon that has not been seen in our lifetimes, where the ocean disappears from the coasts for a period of time.  This happened in the topical islands before the storm’s landfall in the USA and in parts of coastal Florida. It’s hard to imagine how ocean water can just disappear for a time.  This is the tip of the iceberg of what we are seeing in the news and what is being reported online.

How does this relate to our life in Christ?  Christians must get into the protection of Christ by laying down their own lives and allowing God to bring them into the image of Christ, and the Presence of God.  We are going to move into the supernatural provisions of God if we put to death the old man and his sins.  Churches are teaching that God does everything and we just give it a little bit of work or effort to die to our old nature.  I read a posting recently saying that God’s covenant of required righteousness and holiness has not changed.  What has changed is the method.  The Law was used in the old covenant to cause obedience and holiness in the behavior of God’s people. The New Covenant uses the death of our old man, infusion with a new heart and spirit from God, and the power of the Holy Spirit to conquer our own sins to get us to righteous behavior and holiness.  God’s word in the book of Peter says, ‘be ye holy for I am Holy’.  God is not saying ‘try your best, if you continue to sin it does not matter, you will receive what all others receive’.  This is not biblical nor is it accurate when we read the Scriptures in the Old and New Testaments.

We need to call our biblical leaders to account for such obvious error in their teachings.  We need to be teachable and open to the idea that we can conquer our own sins and obtain the righteousness provided through Christ.  God makes provision for this righteousness in our beginning experience of receiving Christ.  Then we grow and mature and fight the good fight of faith in our own lives and hearts.  It’s the one who overcomes their sin who receives in the end the Bible teaches.  The Bible teaches it is not how you start but how you finish.  The one who finishes in righteousness will be saved and will save others.

What are your thoughts concerning how we gain the Image of Christ?  What do you believe the Bible teaches?

Changes to our Thinking

The early Believers certainly experienced changes to their thinking.  They were coming out of hundreds of years of the Law of Moses.  Their whole life experiences and religious teachings had to make some adjustments for Jesus.  The natural became the spiritual.  Jesus began to teach them parables.  The kingdom of God is like this, not as this, but like this.  A pearl that you find of great price and you are willing to give up everything else to obtain. Seed spread about in the Father’s field that produces in people thirty fold, sixty fold, or a hundred fold.   Jesus told the rich young ruler, sell everything you have, give to the poor, and follow me.

We have teachings in our churches today that need adjustment.  One of these teachings, I believe. is that we receive Christ and then we have no need of any other religious necessity in our lives.  To believe this, we would need to exclude much of the New Testament teachings.  For we are told in these scriptures that we are in a fight for our lives as believers. We have work to do.  Overcoming sin, submitting to God, changing our behaviours, renewing our minds, cleansing our hearts, all through the ability provided by the Holy Spirit whom Jesus asked the Father to send to us here on earth.  What for if there is nothing left to do?

Our view of the goal of a believer needs to change.  Currently, we are destined for heaven somewhere out in the sky.  We have no idea why, except that God desires to put us there so we can live in comfort and glory forever with Him. The Bible teaches that we are in a fight to enter the promised land and God’s rest.  Where is this land?  Within us.  In our hearts and minds.

We need to change how we think of how the kingdom of God will come to the earth.  Currently, there seems to be a lot of confusion about this matter.  Some religious teachers think we have to do this while we are in a faulty and defeated state as  believers.   We have to get out there and somehow take over our governments, and leadership positions in the natural world.  Jesus says in the scripture that his kingdom is not of this world.  The Bible teaches  that this whole world is going to be destroyed and God will be making a new heaven and earth.  Some religious teachers say that we just sit back and wait for God.  We do what we want, now that we have received Christ, and just believe that all is going to be ok.  There are other beliefs embedded in our religious theology and teaching about the kingdom of God as well.  Jesus says that the kingdom of  God is within us.  This is who and what we conquer first, ourselves, and our old nature.

It becomes more necessary that we read the  scriptures for ourselves understanding that we may need to change our thinking as we come to realize and understand some of what is taught there.  It  becomes more precarious to just attend a church and follow what is being taught there about the kingdom of God.  Jesus says we do not need to have someone to teach us, but that the Holy Spirit will teach us what we need to do and to know about God.  At some point in God’s timing we are going to know as we are known.   We need to understand that human teachers are fallible and perhaps incorrect.  We need to be critical of teachers and religious leaders in our day.  There seems to be much error that is detrimental to truth and to believers.  It is the ‘Truth’ that sets us free to be all that we are intended to be for God.

Topsy Turvy dom


  1. with the top where the bottom should be; upside down.
  2. in or into a reversed condition or order
  3. in or into a state of confusion or disorder

We people have understood in times past that up is up and down is down.  Now we have a condition in our society and the world where authorities are saying that up is not up, and down is not down.  We are being told, “you must change your thinking going forward”.  “It is for the best of  people and for the planet.”  We the people are being manipulated to an end. We are not being told what this end is going to look like, other than it is apparently for the best. One area in a state of topsy-turvy is human sexuality.  Authorities are saying that biological evidence is not a fact to be considered in human sexuality.  “If you  choose to be a man then be a man.”  “Men can bear children if they are in possession of a uterus, hormones, and other materials needed for childbearing.”

We are losing our minds.  We are being given over to a mind that cannot think logically and straight, or perhaps, a mind that refuses to do so.  The consequence of this is believing  lies and falsehoods.  Living in an unreal state and in mental illness.  Our mental wishes do not  change reality.  Men are not in possession of altering what is real in nature, and yet, this is exactly what is being attempted in sexual identity.  If we look at this in Biblical scripture, we are trying to call what is perverse and distorted about sexuality ‘normal’ in our day.  And yet, we see more and more perversions of sexuality as concessions are being made by society as a whole.  We are heading toward an abysmal state of debauchery and unnatural,  wicked expressions of sexuality in our world. We will become worse than ‘animals’ by far.

Where is this coming from?  It appears it is coming from the upper levels of our society.  Our leaders.  What can be going on in their lives that they would try to make these kind of changes to our society, and to our laws?  Who can be guiding them or influencing them?  What benefit is before these leaders to cause them to capitulate to the current thinking about human sexuality?  Many people in upper society espouse this type of thinking.   They agree with it, and think that all is ok.

As believers we cannot accept the current teachings about human sexuality as being ‘normal’.  Clearly, the types of sexual behavior being encouraged today are set out in the Bible as being perverse, abnormal, and against nature.


Be Filled with the Spirit

We read in Romans chapter one an admonition to worship God and to realize our state and condition without God in our lives.  In this chapter we read that people can be filled with unrighteousness.  We can be given over to unnatural passions and wickedness if we exchange truth for lies.  This is what is happening today in North American society.  Truth is being suppressed and strong efforts are being made to insert lies in its place.   One of these lies is that men can rule themselves, control themselves, and deal with themselves.  But we read in Romans chapter one that the condition of a person without God progresses into all manner of evil, unrighteousness, wickedness, envy, covetousness, malice, murder, strife, deceit, maliciousness, gossips, slanderers,  haters of God, insolent, haughty, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents, foolish, faithless, heartless, and ruthless.

We need to realize the great and marvelous benefits of worshiping and serving God.    Rather than allowing wickedness into our lives we need to open our hearts and lives to the governing of the Spirit of God.  We need to embrace and stand with the Spirit of God in our day.  How much better are God’s ways then the ways of men.  Peace, joy, hope, love, compassion, mercy, faithfulness, thankfulness, wisdom, obedience to what is right, good, righteousness, humbleness, care, sharing, gladness, good works, and holiness.

God has some better thing planned for those who submit to him.  It’s time to take our stand and declare our position for righteousness in this world.  We stand on the side of God even unto death.  There can be no other position for the saint who will go on to eternal life in the Spirit of Christ.

Seeking God and his counsel

In the Old Testament we read of  times and circumstances when the leaders and officials of Israel sought the counsel of God through the prophets and seers of their day.   “Should I go against this nation?” “Will I  have victory?” “You’re adversaries are at the door, what should I do?” The high priest used the Urim and Thummim with the breastplate of judgment to inquire of God.

Today we have tough issues that need to be addressed for the Christian.  One of these is sexual identity.  Christian leaders of our day seem to be saying, “I’ll leave it up to you the individual as to how you want to think about this”.  What are we paying these leaders for if not to guide us through  the difficult times we are experiencing today as Christians?  Leaders do not want to address this issue openly to their congregation because they accept money and benefits from those in positions of government who ask them not to.   Benefits such as tax breaks for themselves, their ministry, and their congregants based on how they comply with the conditions for obtaining these benefits.  Also, they do not want to alienate members of their congregation who may be struggling with these issues, or alienate those in their congregations who have adopted the politically correct ideology of our current day.

I think what we need to know today in our churches is how does the Bible address this issue of sexual identity and how can we display compassion but also uphold the way of the Lord.  These are tough issues and they need to be addressed for the believer.  In the churches we need our leaders wrestling with these issues, seeking God, and guiding their congregants through these minefields.  Leaders need to know the mind and counsel of God in these matters.  When Jesus was asked by his adversaries ‘Is it right to pay taxes to Caesar or not?’ he replied, “Show me a coin. Whose inscription is on this coin?” ‘Caesars’, they replied.  “Then give to Caesars what is Caesar’s, and give to God what is God’s”.

We need this kind of wisdom today from our Christian leaders.