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Decisions between heaven and hell

A quote by a Canadian psychologist and university professor (currently a social media and You Tube sensation) who is rebelling against the recent Canadian compelled speech legislation,   “I believe we make a decision between heaven and hell with every decision we make.  I think that’s literally and metaphorically true.”

“Listen to them and obey them because they sit in Moses’s seat but don’t do as they do.  Your righteousness has to exceed that of  the Pharisees or you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” These are the words of Jesus to his disciples as recorded in the NT.

We make many daily decisions as disciples of Jesus Christ.  We need to understand how important it is that we make righteous decisions.  We cannot ‘go along with the flow’ unless we can maintain our integrity and honesty in that flow.  The psychologist above says that we will lose our soul if we do.  We must stay true to ourselves, Jesus Christ, and the Word of God.

The church in our day says that Christ will forgive you no matter what you do.  However, forgiveness from God requires repentance and truth from the believer and a turning away or ceasing from what action the believer did that needs forgiving.  Faith and repentance are the most important components of the Gospel.  Without repentance there is no forgiveness in Jesus Christ.  Without forgiveness there is no redemption in Christ.  This is clear in the Bible scriptures.  We are told in scripture to cease from our sins.  If this ability was not provided for by God, or if it was impossible for a believer to not sin, then God would not ask it of us.  It’s as clear as that in my mind.

There is a children’s song, “Every move I make, I make in you Jesus, every breath I breathe, I breathe in You.”  We as believers need to be very careful about what we are saying and doing.  We must not compromise or risk our very soul because we take sin lightly in our day.  Scripture says, “May your very mind, soul and body be preserved blameless until the coming of the Lord”.   The devil has compromised believers in our day by deceiving them into thinking that they can participate in the table of devils while also participating in the Lord’s Table.  This is not true.  Ananias and Saphira tried to do that by lying to the Holy Spirit about the amount of the selling price of their land.  They were struck down dead.  This is a warning sign given to us in scripture by God.

Culture and the Word of God

I read a teaching yesterday stating that the Word of God does not have to obey the rules of righteousness in a culture.  This teaching stated that God’s ways override culture.  The example they gave was Isaac taking Rebecca as his wife by ‘going into her tent’ suggesting that this is all that is required for marriage to be authentic and acknowledged by God.

I don’t think that this teaching is altogether right.  The way a culture has set up behaviors of propriety and rightness matters.  Some scripture that I thought of was Mark 1:44 where Jesus instructs the healed the man with leprosy to offer the sacrifices to the priest that Moses had commanded for a testimony to them.  In Acts chapter 18 the apostle Paul shaved his head when he made a vow.  This action was the custom of that day and place. When we follow the culture’s methods of showing righteousness we provide a testimony to them.

In this teaching that I read yesterday it was suggested that believers could co-habitate without a marriage ceremony or certificate and be married before God.    However, in the culture of the West cohabitation is worldly and is still somewhat inferior to being married.  To be a testimony to the culture here in the West would be to make a strong commitment to each other and get married.  The scriptures admonish believers to avoid even the appearance of ungodliness.

In other scripture God makes it clear that engaging in sexual activity outside of marriage is fornication.  This is an extremely serious teaching.  No fornicator will enter the kingdom of God scripture says.

There are other areas of teaching on this website that I feel are good and that my attitude has been given a bit of an adjustment that may have been needed.  What this shows us  as believers is that we must be discerning when we read something.  We have to read a teaching with scripture in the back of our minds to either confirm the teaching or cause us to pause and consider as we read.

I Thess. 5:21 “Test everything.  Hold on to the good.  Avoid every kind of evil.”


Fruit and Works

Scripture says you will know them by their fruit, meaning what we see concerning others we can judge.  The book of James says that if you do not have works you do not have faith.  Jesus said believe that I am who I say that I am because of the works that I do.  The works of Jesus were done openly for all to see and judge.  God has prepared good works for us to do the Bible says.  We are admonished in scripture to keep adding virtue and good works to our lives.

2 Peter 1:5 says  “make every effort to add to your faith goodness, and to goodness knowledge, and to knowledge self-control, and to self-control perseverance and to perseverance godliness, and to godliness, brotherly kindness and to brotherly kindness love. If you possess these qualities in increasing measure, they will keep you from being ineffective and unproductive in your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ”.

The opposite of unproductive means to produce something.  Something that others can see and judge.  We must be adding goodness to our inner selves and to our behaviors as believers.  Works do not save us, but they are the witness of a work of Christ in us.  The scriptures are very clear on this.  Good works follow the believer.

Any church that teaches that good works are legalism and that a believer does not need  this visible witness is not teaching a balanced theology.  This is not rules following, but an outcome that is assured for the believer who is in Christ, and who applies the Word of God to their lives.  This is not legalism.  Legalism is following a list of rules thinking that by following these outward rules they are in good standing with God without the need for faith in Christ Jesus.


We are seeing something in our day that is not new, but it is something we haven’t seen  as obvious and prolific until recently.  This is masses of society in hypocrisy, narcissism, denial of reality, denial of truth, and deceiving and being deceived.  We seem to have some projection happening in the progressive left part of our society whereby accusations are made toward others that they themselves are portraying and doing.  Some of these accusations thrown around are fascism, racism, intolerance, and discrimination.

I’ve been trying to do some reading to see what I can find out about this situation happening in the society of the West.  Some are saying that personality disorders, cognitive dissonance, and mental illness is behind some of what we are seeing.  People have constructed ideologies in their minds that they are holding onto above the values of truth and reality.  This is why facts do not make any sense or any difference to them.  They have constructed their own world in their minds and their own false reality.   They are unable to see any hypocrisy in what they think or do and anyone who interferes with what they believe will likely stir up their wrath.  We are seeing this happen before our very eyes in the United States, Europe, Canada, and other western nations.

This then leads to the church.  What is happening in the churches.   Churches are not hanging onto truth but are presently trying to change truth from within.  Churches are trying to change the meaning of scriptures to better match the current ideologies of society.  Many churches are saying “God has not said….”

Reading something I have found on line that is particularly scary is a comparison that is made of what was happening in the Roman Empire before it fell to what is occurring today in our western society.  We are experiencing much the same things.  This article says that we are in a place of a likely fall, and then an end to our own civilization in the West.

Remove Falsehood and Lying

Proverbs 30:7-8  The words of Agur.   ‘Two things I ask of you; deny them not to me before I die: Remove far from me falsehood and lying; give me neither poverty nor riches; feed me with the food that is needful for me,…’ (ESV)

We are living in a world rife with falsehood and lying in our day.  Corruption has permeated our societies and the hearts and minds of men.  We hear of corruption all over the world today.  Leaders stealing resources from their countries to amass and hoard wealth for themselves.  Lying seems to be an everyday occurrence for many leaders and even average persons going about their work and daily lives.  I recently took my car in for a check-up.  I needed front brakes they said in their report back to me.  I took my car to another shop recently to have this work done.  I was told that my front brakes had over 50% of use left and no replacement was necessary.  This is not an isolated incident, but rather a common occurrence here in Canada.  There is no assurance that anyone is telling you the truth anymore in the business world.  This situation undermines trust.  Truth and stability is being taken away from people.

No liar is going to enter the kingdom of Heaven the Bible says.  We believers need to be mindful of this.  We cannot do as the world is doing in our day.  We must be trustworthy.  We must speak the truth and be honest with others and ourselves.  Speaking truth is becoming a challenge for us in the West because the expectation in the workplace from our bosses is that we will be dishonest if needed, we will be a ‘team player’ for the company.

We live in this world the Bible says but we are not of this world.  Pick up your cross the scripture says, and follow after Christ.  He will make a way for you to do this.

The Kingdom of God

The Bible states that the kingdom of God is within.  Jesus stated that his kingdom is not of this world, yet we know that the kingdom of God is going to be manifested in the earth.  God’s  kingdom is eternal and cannot be defeated or done away with.   King Jesus is immortal.

In the Old Testament (OT) we see a kingdom of Israelite people representing a nation under God in the earth.  God says in the OT they are his people, and he is their God.  He ruled and reigned over them.  He established the laws of the land, the religious rules, and the priesthood to serve him.  The people were subjected to his discipline and at times his rejection, but God always maintained a remnant of people to continue with him.

We understand in our day today that we believers are in God’s kingdom.  To enter by the narrow gate the NT says.  Broad is the gate that leads to destruction and  many enter by that gate the Bible says.  The narrow gate refutes the church teaching in the West that says God accepts everyone. There comes a point when God is very exclusive about who he accepts.  To hear church teaching in the West is to believe that God does not hold anyone in the church accountable, that there is nothing we could do to be rejected by God, because he loves us so much.

We need to get a grip on our lives.  We head into eternal life within our heart and mind through a renewal by the Holy Spirit and then a renewal without in our body.  There are tremendous things ahead that we know only in part.  What is being taught today is obstructing and obscuring the way into the kingdom of God.  The church today in the West is changing Biblical doctrine to better suit our culture.  We are inundated here by social, political, and judicial pressure to conform to ideologies that oppose Christ and the kingdom of God.  When all is said and done here in the West I believe that God will have  an eternal remnant. Some say that this remnant will have a glory and perhaps an aspect of  immortality revealed in them here on the earth before the physical return of Christ.  This may be so.  My own experience is that my hair appears to be reversing from light gray to a darker color of gray and brown.  I’ve been noticing this progression for two or three years now.  The Bible teaches that the saints progress from glory to glory.  That the glory of the Lord is going to cover the earth as waters cover the sea.

We may not be grasping or understanding the kingdom of God as we should in our day and we need to be aware of this.


Holiness and Goodness a requirement

If we look at the books of the New Testament (NT) we see a recurring theme.  Avoid sin at all cost, and do good.  This is a requirement for the believer.   The NT books declare and teach what sin is.  These books also declare that fruit has to be produced by the believer.  The modern church teaches that this fruit consists of inviting people to church services.  The NT declares that this fruit is a person’s goodness, righteousness, fairness, and justice.  This fruit demonstrates holiness by the believer.  The church today in the West teaches that a believer cannot be holy.  Churches here teach that holiness is not about your behavior, that holiness is an abstract concept applied to you after you have said a prayer to God.

This teaching is clearly not correct when we read the NT.  The believer has been moved from the power of darkness to light in the NT.  They are no longer defenseless against sin.  They have protection against temptations in Christ.  A believer is to use the tools that Christ has given to them to increase their goodness and holiness.  The reading of the Word to renew their mind,  praying to call upon God and to hear from God, the accepting of the baptism of the Holy Spirit and with this acceptance the believer receives power to resist sin.

The idea of a believer needing to obtain holiness is also portrayed in the Old Testament within the statutes and rules given in the Law of Moses.  The OT Israelites were to perform certain requirements such as washings, learning what was clean and unclean and abstaining from the religious activities and practices of other nations, sacrifices were to be continually made for their sins, etc.  These were actions and requirements that had to be done and performed by the priesthood and the people.

The current teaching in the West undermines the importance and even the requirement of the believer to seek after righteousness.