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In my own experience there are miracles that God does in our modern day.  An example that I can give that I would consider a true healing miracle involves my daughter.  She was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes when she was four years old.  When she was nine years old she  got up in the morning and her left knee was locked.  It took several hours each day before she could walk properly.  The doctor said she was likely experiencing a type of osteoarthritis in her knee.  This situation went on for several weeks.

One day during this time I was in prayer in the basement of our family home.  I was distressed and crying out to God about my daughter’s situation.  Suddenly, in an instant, my emotions were brought down independent of my effort or will, to an astounding calm that I can try to describe as being as smooth as glass or like water that is so still that it reflects it’s natural surroundings like a mirror.  I was stunned.  I immediately stopped crying.  I couldn’t speak for a minute or two.  I got up and interpreted this experience as God telling me that he was aware of the situation and that whatever happened he would provide what we needed.  I was not assured of a miracle.

My daughter got up the next morning with a locked knee again.  But the following morning after that one her knee was considerably better.  She could walk down the stairs from her bedroom quite comfortably.  By the third morning her knee was completely better and healed.  She walked normally after this and to my knowledge she has had no difficulty with her knee since that time.  She is over thirty years old today.

In my next post I will give a testimony about a deliverance that I received from God.