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The Kingdom of God

The Bible states that the kingdom of God is within.  Jesus stated that his kingdom is not of this world, yet we know that the kingdom of God is going to be manifested in the earth.  God’s  kingdom is eternal and cannot be defeated or done away with.   King Jesus is immortal.

In the Old Testament (OT) we see a kingdom of Israelite people representing a nation under God in the earth.  God says in the OT they are his people, and he is their God.  He ruled and reigned over them.  He established the laws of the land, the religious rules, and the priesthood to serve him.  The people were subjected to his discipline and at times his rejection, but God always maintained a remnant of people to continue with him.

We understand in our day today that we believers are in God’s kingdom.  To enter by the narrow gate the NT says.  Broad is the gate that leads to destruction and  many enter by that gate the Bible says.  The narrow gate refutes the church teaching in the West that says God accepts everyone. There comes a point when God is very exclusive about who he accepts.  To hear church teaching in the West is to believe that God does not hold anyone in the church accountable, that there is nothing we could do to be rejected by God, because he loves us so much.

We need to get a grip on our lives.  We head into eternal life within our heart and mind through a renewal by the Holy Spirit and then a renewal without in our body.  There are tremendous things ahead that we know only in part.  What is being taught today is obstructing and obscuring the way into the kingdom of God.  The church today in the West is changing Biblical doctrine to better suit our culture.  We are inundated here by social, political, and judicial pressure to conform to ideologies that oppose Christ and the kingdom of God.  When all is said and done here in the West I believe that God will have  an eternal remnant. Some say that this remnant will have a glory and perhaps an aspect of  immortality revealed in them here on the earth before the physical return of Christ.  This may be so.  My own experience is that my hair appears to be reversing from light gray to a darker color of gray and brown.  I’ve been noticing this progression for two or three years now.  The Bible teaches that the saints progress from glory to glory.  That the glory of the Lord is going to cover the earth as waters cover the sea.

We may not be grasping or understanding the kingdom of God as we should in our day and we need to be aware of this.