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Preparing God’s people

The gospel equips people for eternity. An important task of the church is to equip people for this life and for the life to come. We have made the vision of the church to have people say a prayer accepting Jesus as their Saviour. We have ministered the beginnings of salvation to people but have neglected the ongoing salvation message of the gospel that leads to the maturity of the saints.

This ongoing message includes obedience to Jesus and his commandments. These teachings are found in the Bible. Our conduct, our attitudes, our love for God, our increased wisdom, our increased knowledge of the Word, and our increased reliance upon the Holy Spirit as believers.

In matters of discipline, the church has abdicated this responsibility to the outside world. We in the church do not want to hold each other accountable to God or to others. It’s rare to hear what is ‘right and wrong conduct’ in the church today. Pastors are reluctant to even handle the scriptures regarding these moral and spiritual matters. The preferred method seems to be ‘let people come to their own conclusions’. If they are reading the Bible they can make up their own minds.

The world has been making this decision for believers for decades as to what is right and wrong. ‘Nothing is out of bounds’ the world authorities say. The Bible is racist, misogynist, prejudiced, and judgmental. Judging is ‘wrong’ the world says. All things are equal and there is no ‘right’ way. Sexual sin is not sin. Sex is a normal human behaviour under all conditions and in all of it’s current expressions in our society the world says.

This is not what the Bible says.