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The Bible says that Jesus came to save us from our sins.  This has spiritual and natural components, I believe.  The world needs to be saved from sin.  If this only has a spiritual component then the world would remain in wickedness and sin while claiming it is holy. This is what is happening to the teaching of holiness today.  We are told in our churches we will sin, but that God accounts us as being righteous in Christ.  It does absolutely nothing for the state of the world to be spiritually holy while our actions remain wicked and corrupt, so to speak.   Our lives testify to the power and glory of God to change us from the children of darkness to the children of the light.  This is the true Gospel.

We need deliverance from sin, a complete freedom from sin, and God has provided for this through the Word of God and the Holy Spirit.   God says he gives us a new heart, a new spirit, a new mind, and a will to obey his commandments.  Once we were wicked, the Bible says, but now we walk in newness of life.  Once we committed atrocities, but now we do good works that others applaud and are grateful for and are encouraged to see still happening.

Wickedness and sin is increasing rapidly in the world.  We hear of unbelievable atrocities occurring in our own country and elsewhere.  It’s not just a small group of people doing these things.  We are hearing and reading about many people across all walks of life being charged or accused of unspeakable crimes against others.